-------------------------------------------------------- Update 23/03/2012 --------------------------------------------------------  

- Fixed loads some DLLs

-------------------------------------------------------- Update 23/03/2012 --------------------------------------------------------  

- Added NRage Input Plugin v2.3 Final. This fixes some important bugs from 2.2 Beta. Thanks to squall-Leonhart.
- Added the n02 to release 18, Thanks to Ownasaurus.
- Fixed some PSA cheats just to avoid Freeze, some PSA cheat were deleted because they had no solution.
- It was discovered another cause of ds, Buffer Vsync, so if you want to play in Fullscreen, you can do, but by default, and by default it will have to be with Transfer Memory to prevent desynchronizations.
- Added a .Reg file to enable cheats type "Have All", something that is important and useful for newbies.
- Removed the error when trying to read Krecs, as the sole cause of this is when there is no such folder.
- The Manifest was not added because some chipset and older computers have problems with D3D8 after a couple of games.
- Fixed the Casual Image Freeze.
- Link Homes of Files settings do not throw error and access to the pages correctly.
- Disabled the option NRage RAWDATA of NRage's 2.3 to avoid problems in Netplay.
- Added to the RDX some symbols of "Good Verif.Dump" in GoodName.

-------------------------------------------------------- Update 18/08/2011 --------------------------------------------------------  

- Added some Importantes Comentaries on CHT about NetPlay stabilities.
- Added OoT Cheats multiplayer.
- Added 3 more games Support.
- Added NetPlay Input Plugin 0.2 (alternative P2P NetPlay).
- Changed Audio Plugin by Azimers 0.30

--------------------------------------------------------- Update 15/06/2011 ---------------------------------------------------------

- Added some Importantes Comentaries on CHT about NetPlay stabilities.
- Added support for 3 more games.
- Added NetPlay Input Plugin 0.13 (alternative P2P NetPlay).
- Deleted Jabo D3D8 1.7, not stable build for 1.4 

--------------------------------------------------------- Update 03/04/2011 ---------------------------------------------------------

Update EXE (03/04/2011)
- Fixed error of the deselect of Plugins. Thanks to Henryxs87.
- The load configuration files are now in Config Folder for a better presentation.
- We improved the Project64k7E compression, as the rest of the dlls.
- Integrated a .Manifest file independent (provided that if you need to remove, you can do it manually).
- New Keyboard Shortcuts. Gracias a Henryxs87.
F11 = Start Emulation.
F12 = Close Game.
Ctrl + C = To load Cheats.
Ctrl + T = To access the Configuration.
Ctrl + S = To save the game.

Update CHT (01/04/2011)
- We implemented the 3rd advance Kaillera special CHT, as it is an adaptation, we removed all the code in SSB that couldn't support Kaillera, now there will be no loading delays activation or deactivation of cheating.
- Cheats support was left to 300, (i preferred to leave it in the 300, since as the CHT has already been compressed and several of the games that are played have less than 300, i find it unnecessary to increase the support, in addition, since i left it in 300 it will not fall when we click on Select / Disable all).
- 4000 more Cheats were added (4000 more than the previous version), of which the majority is the most played games on Kaillera (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Golden Eye, etc...).

- Graphic: Jabos Direct3D8 1.6.
- Audio: Jabos Direct Sound 1.6 (to adjust the volume).
- Control: NRage 1.61 (later versions were not added because they have major bugs in the Controls Modifiers, making it impossible to move at certain times).

Another Changes
- The RDX from PJ64 was integrated.
- Jabo's Direct3D8 was integrated for those who likes play with textures. Thanks to Henryxs87.
- Removed NRage RAW DATA 1.61, because the command made impossible to move during games Online, the NRAGE always initialized with this option enabled, but not anymore, but i activates itby another way, you can also disable this option from K7E even that without BOX!.
- I also disabled the "Show CPU%", as this option doesn't allow to read the chat messages during games Online.

--------------------------------------------------------- Update 18/08/2010 ---------------------------------------------------------

Updated EXE (18/08/2010). Thanks to Gaudy
- The load restriction Plugin was removed from the default.
- Manifest interface was added without error. Thanks to Ginzuhayate.
- Also increased the number limit of Cheats from 300 to 2000.
- Direct access to the Cheats with Ctrl + C.
- Disabled the "Show % CPU usage", and I have played with people who have it enabled which prevents them from receiving messages.

Updated RDB (01/04/2010). Thanks to Henryxs87, for work on him and for add the work from DigitalSpider, Nekokabu and MASA
- Recognizes 770 games -> 892 games, so now recognizes 122 games more.

Updated RDX (01/04/2010) Gracias a Henryxs87
- Now you may know which ROMs that you have support the Multiplayer and you will be able to know the genres of each game, like race, fighting, adventure, etc... something that the 1.4 did not allow with the RDB of that version.
- Updated CHT (Avance12 - 16/08/2010). Thanks to Gaudy.
- Updated Kaillera DLL (n02 r17 - 24/06/2010). Thanks to Ownasaurus.