Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project64K7E (Update 1.1.0 - Sept 2010)


Update EXE (18/08/2010)

- Plugin Load Restriction was removed.
- Added Manifest Interface.
- And others that i don't know.

Thanks to Ginzuhayat.

- Also increased the limit number of Cheats, from 300 to 2000.
- Direct Acces to the Cheats by Ctrl + C.
- Show CPU Usage blocked because i played with people that had it "enabled" and they couldn't receive messages.

Thanks to Gaudy.

Update RDB (01/04/2010)

Recognizes 770 Games Approx.               Recognizes 900 Games Approx.


Now support more games than before thanks to Henryxs87, DigitalSpider, Nekobaku and MASA.

Update RDX (01/04/2010)

Now you may know which ROMs that you have support the Multiplayer and you will be able to know the genres of each game, like race, fighting, adventure, etc... something that the 1.4 did not allow with the RDB of that version.

project64k before
project64k after

Thanks to Henryxs87.

Update CHT (Advance12 - 16/08/2010)

- This contains the Cheats for All Games.
- Increased from 5000 to 24700 lines of cheats codes.

Thanks to Gaudy.

Update Kaillera DLL (n02 r17 - 24/06/2010)

- This is the Kaillera client that allows us to connect either server or P2P.
- Quite a lot of improvements.

Thanks to Ownasaurus.

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